Innovations are created by experts. 

Individuals partners of the company Messtechnik are very professional in their fields .. Through years of presence on the well-known market, our customers are using products Messtechnik in many applications in industry and crafts. 

The fusion of the individual enterprise, we have significantly expanded the competence attained and synergies can use to your advantage - we are able to offer a full range of products for various requirements of industries: 


• Industrial Metrology 

• Laboratory Measurement 

• Industrial Electronics 

• Process Instrumentation 

• Measurement Test 

On the following pages, we present a short overview of our program and we present the merged companies.

Domaine d' activité

beeches + cepes Our understanding of partnership



With different communities leads nature of teachers in mind what is partnership.


An example:


The partnership between beech and mushroom occurs in the soil.

The most beautiful tree roots provide hyphae that penetrate the roots, organic substances.

The tree takes advantage of this symbiosis with the roots can absorb minerals from the soil easier.

In addition, the mushroom helps the tree that is growing strongly and is opposed to greater disease resistance.


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